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Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY provides the best services when it comes to garage doors. No matter what type of garage door you have, we can handle the services excellently, giving you the best quality results.


Our team is the homeowner's go-to when they need repair services for their garage doors. Not only fixing, but we also handle all types of tasks related to the industry; whether it is installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, we can provide the most efficient results. We have been in the industry for more than two decades, providing the most effective, reliable repair and other related services as we have mastered the ins and outs of the industry. We use up-to-date tools, and with our skills and the equipment we use, your garage door services will indeed have the best results.

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We understand that garage doors are not only meant as a doorway to your garage because it also serves as protection to your vehicle and even your house. You use it to protect your belongings, and without an efficient one, you are putting yourself and your property at risk. A functional garage door will make your home safer and more secure. If it has damage, it is vital that you let the best people handle it to achieve the best results and because they have the right tools and knowledge, which is why we are dedicated to serving the most effective services because we are the best regarding garage doors across the city.

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Efficient and Effective Garage Services

We guarantee the most efficient and effective services, making your garage door the right one for you.

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Professional Team

We are composed of top-rated professionals to ensure the quality of work we give to homeowners in the city.

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Satisfied Customers

We are committed to delivering satisfaction to all our clients as we make it as our top priority, leaving smiles to their faces.

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Affordable Price

All our professional garage door services are entailed with budget-friendly prices to help you get the best.

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Insured & Under Warranty

All our professionals are licensed and insured to ensure the top-quality of services we provide to our clients.

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Fully Customize Garage

When standard installation services do not work for you, we offer full customization to help you achieve the best.

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Let us handle your garage door repair and other related services!

Similar to other fixtures in your home, garage doors come in various types. Each type comes in a different process to fix. But do not worry because we can handle all kinds of garage doors.

There are three main variants of garage doors; sectionals, swing-outs, and slidings. Sectional is one of the most popular types. It rolls up and down your garage when it opens. In comparison, swing-outs take a bit of space outwards. Sliding is also a good choice as it usually comes with a button that, when you press, will close or open, similar to a barn door.

There are times when your garage door makes loud noises, or could get stuck halfway, or does not open at all. One of the most common issues garage doors will have in the future is their rollers. And in some cases, it is

the belt. For automatic garage doors, sometimes it is faulty wiring. Whatever the issue with your garage door is, an inspection is needed to ensure that it will be fixed effectively. And that is what our experts do. We inspect thoroughly and provide efficient services.

There are other common issues related to garage doors. However, you can always rely on Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY, as we provide the best services. Repairs, installation, maintenance, we got them all for you! Talk to one of our experts, and we will handle all your garage door concerns!

Our Clients Are Happy

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Gina E.

"I did not know which type to choose for my garage door. But after discussing my goals to them, they immediately gave me some suggestions. They also installed it efficiently. Thank you guys!"

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Kevin B.

"My garage door was stuck and it was really frustrating. But after I called them, they immediately came and fixed it. They even gave me tips on how to avoid the situation again. Very recommendable!"

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Anna P.

"I thought my garage door could never be fixed again. But they proved me wrong! They fixed it effectively! They helped me save money! Thank you very much for your efficient and effective job!"

Frequently Asked Questions

A new home needs to have a new garage door especially if you have your car. Installing a new garage would depend on your preference of style and this comes to how much is a new garage door in Everett? For a new installation of a garage door can cost $1,116 and would typically range from $737 to $1,494. The price can still change depending on the type of material, labor, tracks, and doors. To get free estimates of how much does a new garage door cost in Manhattan? contact the professionals.

Repairing the garage door can be much cheaper compared to installing a new one. If the garage door spring has a problem, you would need to have this check by a professional. Before doing so, you would like to find out, how much does it cost to replace a garage door spring in Manhattan? On average, it can cost $180 but this can increase if it needs to disassemble the brackets to be able to repair the spring, this can cost from $100 to $350.

Planning to have a double door car installation will require big space and other factors to consider. However, how much does it cost to install a 2 car garage door in Manhattan? The average cost of a double door car garage can cost from $800 to $1,500. Labor can cost $300 per unit.

If repairing the garage door can’t be done, there would be no other option than to replace the entire garage door. But, you would like to know first how much it cost to replace a garage door in Manhattan? Replacing the garage door can range from $600 to $4,100 and the total cost can affect the size of the door, materials, and labor.

Fixing a broken garage may depend on what part of the door that needs fixing, you will call a professional and ask for how much does it cost to fix a garage door in Manhattan? In general, it can cost $85 to $600 for the garage door repair. For a garage door replacement, it can be more than and may cost $820 to $2400.

Garage door openers are very much common. Through the years, it was developed to be more improved. Before buying a garage door opener, find out what is the best garage door opener in Manhattan? Nowadays, the Chamberlain is the top choice for the garage door opener. This is easy to operate and very efficient.

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