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Best Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY - Garage Door System Damage

No matter how simple they may seem, a garage door system comprises several big and small parts and components generally categorized into three. Ensuring that every single piece is kept in good working condition is an important task many of us fail to do. Often, we only start paying attention to our garage door system when a problem arises.

Still, simple or complex, there is no garage door problem Best Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY cannot fix. Problems that involve any part of our garage door system cause inconveniences and safety concerns. The causes of garage door damage vary widely.

The Garage Door System

Garage doors, the first category that makes up the garage door system, open up vertically (up and down) or horizontally (left and right). Some garage doors are insulated, which can better protect the items inside the garage from heat and cold. Garage doors also sometimes come with windows as part of their design.

Best Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY

What causes garage doors to open are the hardware components, the second category. Hardware components are those parts found at the back of garage doors. These function together to allow the garage doors to open and close. Many of these components are made from galvanized steel as it resists rust better than stainless steel.

The third category is weather stripping. The weatherstripping protects your garage from natural elements. Sometimes, some garage doors have weatherstripping on the interior side of the door. Higher quality Garage Door Repairman Manhattan have weatherstripping in between sections. But, all garage doors have weatherstripping found at the exterior of the door and under it.

Causes of Garage Door Damage

Each part and component of the garage door system may cause it to break down. However, the most common causes of garage door damage are the following.

Broken Springs
Garage doors may feature either an extension spring or torsion spring. These hold a lot of the weight of the garage doors to help them open and close. Torsion springs can last up to 10 years. While extension springs can last up to seven. Even so, over time, springs break due to pressure.

Broken Lifting Cables
Cables work alongside the springs to open and close the garage door. These get damaged after many open-close cycles. Sometimes due to age and weather, lifting cables become brittle and snap.

Misaligned Track
Garage door systems have horizontal and vertical tracks that assist with the doors’ movement. When these tracks are made of thin steel, they can sag, bend, or get out of line. When left unattended over time, the tracks can continue to move out of place.

Sticking Rollers
Rollers help the doors glide smoothly along the track. Garage Door Roller Manhattan usually spin and turn, but in some cases, the rollers may get stuck and slide. This causes the doors to get off their tracks. Also, sticking rollers cause noise whenever garage doors open and close.

Is your garage door system malfunctioning?

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