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Has your garage door begun to be stubborn, and you are stressed that a simple garage door repair is not enough? Indeed, you need to do two or three garage door repairs that can consider your condition, and you do not have to replace your garage door opener.

You can execute some repairs without the assistance of any professional. However, some repairs are more complicated and cannot be fixed by a non-professional. It would be best if you chose to call a professional to do the job, or you may end up hurting yourself.

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How To Maintain Your Garage Door Rollers?

The garage door rollers make your door move smoothly, so it is essential to maintain them. If they are low quality or improperly maintained, your garage door will not function as it should be. And you will be stressed out why your door would not close, and your heating and cooling bill is increasing.

Garage Door Roller Manhattan NY experts made a list of tips on how to keep your garage door rollers in optimal shape:

Know Your Rollers

You need to know the various types of garage door rollers, their qualities, and maintenance needs.

  • Plastic Rollers - these rollers are the lowest quality among all types of rollers. They provide adequate performance at best, and they only last for a few years. They do not have ball bearings, unlike the other types.

  • Steel Rollers- these rollers can last until two decades, which makes the most durable. However, they are not the best in performance, and they are noisy.

  • Nylon Rollers- the best rollers so far. They are the quietest, and their performance is the best. They can last around twelve to twenty years, depending on the quality. Some nylons are similar to steel rollers that have exposed balls but can also have concealed ball bearings. On the other hand, they can also be like plastic rollers and have no ball bearings.

Garage Door Rollers Manhattan NY

Prepare For The Project

It is crucial to cut the power as a safety precaution before conducting any maintenance on your garage door and make sure to unplug the opener to avoid accidents caused by an opened door.

Detach the opener from the door to manually operate the garage door. It will be easier for you to access the lower rollers and allow you to lubricate as you go by sliding the door along the tracks. If you are unsure if you are doing right, contact Garage Door Rollers Manhattan, NY to send you a garage door technician to help you and do the job right.

Inspect The Rollers

Before starting the project, inspect each roller to ensure that they only need maintenance and not a replacement. Check if they have cracks or missing chunks, worn down, or misshapen. If you see any indications that your garage door rollers need relief, call Garage Door Roller Manhattan NY as soon as possible.

Get The Proper Tools

You need the right stuff to keep your rollers adequately lubricated. Many homeowners make a mistake by using WD-40 lubricant. You should not use WD-40 because it does more harm than good. Use silicone or lithium-based grease to lubricate the rollers.

If you have a roller up door in Manhattan, NY, you can use 11 WT OZ to lubricate your door.

Prepare a cloth handy when applying the lubricant to wipe up any drips. Also, put down a drop cloth or tarp to prevent grease from staining the garage’s floor.

Lastly, you might need a stepladder to reach high rollers. It depends on your height; if you are tall enough, then there is no need for a stepladder.

You should lubricate your garage door rollers about twice a year, or sooner if they start making unusual noises while operating.

Garage Door Rollers in Manhattan NY

Contact Garage Door Rollers Manhattan NY if you need to replace your worn-out rollers or if you want to enhance and upgrade them to high-performance ones. We have all garage door rollers and other garage door parts, and we provide excellent maintenance and repair services. Call or contact us for more information.

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