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Garage Doors Service NY - Garage Door and Home Exterior Painting

A new coat of paint on your garage and home’s exterior is one of the most effective ways to improve its curb appeal and value. More importantly, proper care and Garage Door Maintenance NY allow you to create a space that you can love and enjoy throughout the years.

Garage doors, aside from contributing to your home’s curb appeal, have functional features. Our team of professionals at Garage Doors Service NY always considers this whenever we are contracted for garage door painting services. This way, we ensure that you are left with garage doors that look and function like new by the time we complete the job. We also apply the same kind of attention when we are working on door painting projects.

Garage Doors Service Manhattan NY

Little details like window trims and window shutters affect the overall look of homes. Often, homeowners like to match the color of their doors and windows. Garage Doors Service NY also offers window painting services. When the exterior window trims and shutters are made from wood, we ensure the smooth application of stain or wood-safe paint by buffing them before applying primer.

Home Exterior Painting Process

Our team understands the value our services provide to your investment - your home. Every painting project is unique. Therefore, before we start dabbing paint on any of your home’s exterior, we make sure to make the necessary preparations first.

Estimating: Every project begins with the client. Upon receiving requests for painting services, we gather all the details for the project and pre-schedule a site visit. Our painting foreman visits you at home on the pre-arranged schedule to assess the items that will be painted. Then, you will be provided with options for colors and finishes, a project timeline, and a complimentary no-obligation quote with no hidden fees.

Tips for picking colors:
Since our clients are provided with a massive selection of colors and finishes, they become overwhelmed with the choices. Colors are just one of the ways we can express our uniqueness. Therefore, as much as possible, we suggest our clients choose whatever color and finish they want. However, when standing out with bold color choices is not our client’s goal, we remind them to mind the following things: their home’s architectural style, the colors of their home, the material of the surfaces to be painted, and finally, the look of the neighborhood.

Prepping: Thorough preparation is key to any successful paint job. Some extra steps or prep work are taken to prepare the surfaces as part of the painting process. Prep work ensures that the application will be smooth and that the new paint will adhere for longer. Our team will communicate the importance of any prep work we find necessary to ensure that you are comfortable with our work.

Prep work depends on the material and condition of the surface to be painted on. These include surface cleaning, buffing wood, sanding rough edges, caulking gaps and holes, scraping off peeling paint, Garage Door Repair Manhattan NY, pressure washing, etc.

Painting: After preparing the surfaces, we begin with the actual painting. We start by applying a coat of primer then follow it with the paint color of your choice. We use various professional spray painting equipment, rollers, and brushes to ensure precise and even coating.

Cleaning: Once we are done, we clean up the site and inspect the paint job with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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