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Has your garage door begun to be stubborn, and you are stressed that a simple garage door repair is not enough? Indeed, you need to do two or three garage door repairs that can consider your condition, and you do not have to replace your garage door opener.

You can execute some repairs without the assistance of any professional. However, some repairs are more complicated and cannot be fixed by a non-professional. It would be best if you chose to call a professional to do the job, or you may end up hurting yourself.

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Tips You Need To Paint Your Garage Door Properly

Your garage door plays a significant part in your home’s overall look, which means your garage door painting can affect the appearance of your home. The painting of your door may either increase your home’s value or ruin the overall look of your property. Therefore, make sure to pick a door color that is perfect for your house.

Garage Doors Service Manhattan NY made a list of tips to help you pick the best color for your garage door.

Garage Doors Service Manhattan NY

Match Your Garage Door To Your House

A safe way to choose the right color for your garage door is to match your garage door’s color to your house. You can make sure your garage door blends with your home’s overall appearance by matching the garage door painting to your house color.

Pick A Complimentary Trim Color

Matching your garage door painting to your house exterior trim is another option for you if you do not want to paint your garage door the same color as your house. Painting your garage door the same color as your window and front door trim can create harmony between your home exterior and garage door.

Do Not Pick Out an Uncommon Color

Experts from Garage Doors Service Manhattan NY do not advise to paint your garage door a color that is not common or different from the other colors on the home’s exterior. It will break the harmony of your home’s appearance. Always choose a color that matches the theme of your home’s appearance.

Steps How To Paint Your Garage Door Properly

If you have chosen your garage door color and prepared all of your supplies, it is time to paint now. But before painting your garage door, make sure to check the weather. You do not want to get caught in the rain while painting your garage. Make sure to disassemble the automatic opener to ensure the door will not open while doing the job. And when you are ready, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare and Clean The Door

It is essential to clean the door to ensure the paint will adhere to your garage door. It would be best to wear protective eyewear and a dust mask before scrubbing or sanding your door to remove any dust and lose paint. After cleaning or sanding, use dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner to wash it with a sponge. Rinse it off and then wait for it to dry.

  1. Prime the Door

As soon as your garage door is dry, use painter’s tape to line the edges to cover any hardware that cannot be removed. Put a drop cloth on your driveway to protect it from paint splatters. Next, apply your primer; start from the bottom to the top, one panel at a time. Use a brush to cover areas with texture and a small roller for the larger areas. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before applying the first coat of paint.

  1. Paint the Door

Experts would always advise painting the garage door the same method you use when applying the primer. To avoid streaking, use long and slow strokes, and make sure to leave a lot of time for the paint to dry between coats.

  1. Paint The trim

After painting the garage door and making sure it is dry, it is time to paint the trim. Whether you paint it with the same color of your garage door or a different one, be sure to tape off respectively to ensure crisp lines. Remove the painter’s tape and drop cloth once you have finished painting.

We hope these tips and information help you a lot with your garage door painting. If you need any garage door repair and maintenance, contact Garage Doors Service Manhattan NY. Our team is always ready to serve you.

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